Power of Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere,from nothing or having everything, from some void or the feeling of satisfaction ; completion.

Inspiration,the very foundation of everything.Sometimes the rain inspires us to dance or find complete solace in nature. An Apple 🍎 falling from tree inspired to unveil the laws of nature. It triggers us to reach our higher self, something we find happiness in or purpose in. Isn’t that life?

Finding your purpose or looking for .miracles to happen. The different colors of flowers, or the rainbow unleash the different thoughts of our heart hidden somewhere. Looking out for an objective. The ‘Lost Man’ finding something in life #Curious like the intensity to go after something, to find something, to expect something, to unravel something hidden.

Isn’t it fascinating the universe holds so many mysteries to unravel from a small atom to giant glaciers. It’s so fascinating for some people there is so much to explore, for others it’s just beauty.

The idea that there are mysteries around us makes us so curious.It is everywhere, at all times. It is omnipresent.

Mystery that is ready to be unravelled. In the breeze, the ripples of water, the rain.

Life in itself is enchanting,inspiring,

Worth loving.


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